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VIDEÓ: „Ne hagyd, hogy a korod bármiben is meggátoljon” – exkluzív interjú Alessiah-val

Although she’s only 13, Alessiah is a full-blown pop star already! Regarded as one of Romania’s newest and most promising artists, she was only 10 years old when she released her debut single, and she hasn’t stopped since. And why would she? She knew she wanted to be a singer and that music is her biggest passion from a very young age, and her dreams have come true already. Last year, she released 4 songs, and we can expect to hear her debut EP this year, from which her song „Darling” came out recently.

We sat down to chat with the young star, whom by the way sounds incredibly determined, via Zoom, and we talked about her beginnings, her goals, her inspirations, she told us how an average day looks like for her, how she sees her future, which Hungarian artist she would pick to collaborate with, and of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to teach her a little bit of Hungarian, too – exclusive interview with Alessiah.

Let’s start with the beginnings. When did you decide to become a singer?

Well, I was in the car with my mother, actually, and she was listening to the radio. Every song that just played on and on, I knew all the lyrics, I knew everything. The song, the lyrics, the music, everything. So, she asked me, „Alessiah, do you wanna go to a school that involves music?” and I was like „hell yeah”. She then actually got me in one of the singing lessons, and I enjoyed it, and I said I wanted to continue it.

And who inspired you on this journey? Who are your favorite artists?

At that time, I believe my favorite artist was Ariana Grande. She’s not my favorite artist right now, I think my favorite artist right now is either Lana Del Rey or Melaline Martinez. But yeah, I was really into Ariana Grande and I still listen to her now.

Obviously, you’re very young. Are you still in school?

Yes indeed, I am in school. I managed to go to school, I go to all my lessons, and whenever I miss a day or two because I have an event or something, I always make up for it. That’s an easy thing to do.

And how do you balance being a pop star while also leading a normal life? Is it difficult for you?

I never believed, and I don’t think I will ever think that I don’t have a normal life. I’m just a normal person that’s doing what she’s great at. That’s my life, that’s the way I live it, I’m used to it, and I don’t think that’s anything not normal or some of the sort.

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What’s an average day like for you? You wake up, and…?

Yeah, I wake up, I brush my teeth, brush my hair, then I go to school. After that, I either have a singing lesson, or guitar lesson. That’s pretty much all!

So you play the guitar?

I do, indeed, I do!

Do you play any other instruments?

Never tried. I only play the guitar. I tried to play the piano when I was younger but it never worked out for me that well, so I stuck to the guitar.

What is your favorite part of this kind of work?

My favorite part would be doing what I like, because my dad always told me the best people and the people who won at life are those who make a job out of their passion. So that would be the thing.

Let’s talk about your latest single, „Darling”. First of all, congratulations on it! What were your main inspirations behind the song?

Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is self love. Many people who hear it might think that’s a song about love or I’m in love with someone and other things like that, but no, it’s actually self love. It’s talking about how much I love myself and how I want others to love themselves. Because when you have you and you accept yourself, that’s all you practically have to do to live a happy life.

That’s so true! Did you write the lyrics to it?

No. I usually write my own lyrics, but there was this girl called Lexie at the studio that already had the lyrics to the song. I looked at the lyrics and I was like, I can’t change that, they’re so good! I don’t have anything else to add!

And usually, when you write your own lyrics, what inspires you? Like, what do you write about?

I usually write about things that I observe in society, in people, mostly real things. I usually get my inspiration from daily things, daily experiences.

Now, the „Darling” video is amazing, too! What was your favorite part of the shoot?

I think my favorite part of the shoot was that I got to play tennis. We recorded the video at a tennis court. I’m horrible at playing tennis but actually I learned it a bit! It was fun.

Did you come up with the concept of the video?

No, my video producer did, and it turned out amazing.

Yeah, it sure did! This is your first single this year. What’s next for you? Are you planning to make an album?

I’m currently working on my EP, but I would love to make an album. I’m planning my next collaboration, but I would like to keep it a secret and a surprise for everyone who watches me. If you want to see more, you can follow me on my social media platforms, that’s all I can say.

What is your primary goal this year? What is something that you’d like to achieve this year?

First of all, I would like to show people how many things you can do if you really want to make them. When you love something, you practically do everything and anything you can for that to work out. I would like to inspire people first, and have a great time with all of these amazing people who are in this industry.

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Who are your dream collaborators? Who would you like to work the most with?

Actually, I know an artist from your country, his name is Azahriah. He’s cool, I like him. From my country, I don’t really know. I have this great opportunity to work with this great producer named Vanotek. He’s amazing, I like him so much and he’s also a big inspiration. Yeah, many cool artists are around and I’d love to see them all.

Which song of yours would you show to a person that doesn’t know you yet?

Well, I would show them any song from my discography. All my songs, first of all, because it’s a very hard choice, they all represent something else, but at the same time, they also represent me, so that would be it.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a singer like you?

Well, it depends on how old they are…

Let’s say the same age as you.

Okay. The best advice is that age shouldn’t block you at anything. If you really want to, because you can make a future out of it, you can go to a school exactly like I did for music and that’s all, really.

We’ve seen on your Instagram that one of your passions is travelling, right?

Yeah, indeed, yes.

So could you describe your dream holiday?

Well my dream holiday would be chilling on the beach with my family, that’s just the typical thing! I love to visit new places and I always go on a vacation that’s not the same play that I already went to.

What is your favorite place that you’ve ever visited?

I think it would be Greece, maybe. I went there last summer and I had an amazing time. I also went to Egypt and I went scuba diving with my father and it was a great time. I loved all the fishes there!

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We assume you travel a lot because of work, as well.


How do you cope with being away from home for long periods?

I usually cope. I love to visit new places, but, well, my favorite place is at home because nothing else is like home. But I don’t find it difficult to be away from home.

Obviously, you’re amazingly talented, you have a bright future ahead of you…

Thank you.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

The same thing as I’m doing now, talking to some amazing people about my music and about my passion.

Thank you! Now, that’s all we planned for you today, but before we let you go, we would like to teach you something so you can take away something from this interview, as well. Do you know any Hungarian words?

Not really.

Okay, so can we teach you how to say I love you in Hungarian?

Sure, yeah!

So, it’s „szeretlek”.

Can you repeat that, please?

Yeah, sure. We’ll type it down for you, too.

Okay, amazing, that’s the best!

And it’s pronounced „szeretlek”.

Eletlek. Is that it?

Almost, but with an „sz” at the beginning. So it’s like, „szeretlek”.


Yes, that’s exactly it.

Close enough! Thank you.

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